Why Choose Paling?

Paling exists to spread our passion for tabletop games, to empower players and to augment the very human experience of getting together with friends and family.

We are a team of generational experts in woodwork, metalwork and gaming from Southeast Asia with world class products. Every step of our product’s journey from conception to completion is held to the highest standards.

Paling is constantly mastering our craft in designing better products for even the most discerning customer’s needs.


Superior Craftmanship

The true mark of a craftsman lies in the relentless pursuit of mastery.


Paling is fueled by a burning passion for togetherness.


Honest ethics are the foundation of any successful company.

What is Paling

Paling is a brand of tabletop gaming furniture, engineered with lasting excellence and constant innovation. We are pushing the boundaries of merely being an accessory to board and card games, to an empowered community. 

Designed by Paling


About Us

Paling was founded in a post-pandemic 2022 world, in West Java, Indonesia with a vision to overcome the ‘western ceiling’ of tabletop gaming hardware. Paling was created as a joint venture between a woodworking factory owner, a metalworking factory owner, a family owned furniture business and a brand expert, all with a shared love of tabletop games.

Trade and Corporate

Paling delivers world-class hardware for your Office, Hospitality business or Gaming Retail outlet tailored to your exact needs. We can also deliver complete Interior design and implementation*.

*Design implementation and renovation available in Singapore and Indonesia as of publishing. More markets to be added as we add partners.


Logo brave

The Brave represents our courageous spirit, unflinching in the face of insurmountable odds.

It sports the quintessential hexagon design suitable for many board games, war games and roleplaying. The brave is aesthetically striking and a pleasure to use.

The Brave includes all accessory components built-in: Cup-holder, Card-holder, and Dice tray.

Convert your Brave into a dining table with the included, detachable topper.

Accidents happen, our toppers come with grooves to channel spills away

Logo loyal

Compact and modular – each LOYAL is a 1v1 playing surface perfect for TCG duels as a single unit, however multiple LOYALs can be connected to form larger playing surfaces to fit formats such as MTG Commander to Wargames.

The LOYAL is a versatile solution for gaming rooms which accommodate many different use cases.

2 (5)
6 (3)

Step into the wondrous world of large scale gaming, become an INITIATE. 

The initiate is our largest table offering, able to seat up to eight members of your playgroup for an epic game night. 

Even the largest, most demanding board games can be fielded on an Initiate. Equally thrilling for a dining room as well as a game store.

Each Initiate can be customized with accessories allowing you tailor each playspace to every member of your party.

Logo squire

Our Entry level offering, the squire is a static 1v1 table, which is the younger brother of the LOYAL. 

Take your first step into professional tabletop gaming hardware today

Our Wood

We use Mindi as our go-to for our products with solid wood components. Originally from Holland, Mindi trees were transported to Indonesia for its beneficial qualities and strength. 

Compared to other woods, Mindi Shrinks less and dries quickly, a boon in our native region with high humidity. 

NO Threatened Species

We don’t use protected wood such as Makassar Ebony. Due to the high value of this wood, many species of Ebony are now extinct, on the verge of extinction, endangered or vulnerable. It is on the IUCN Red list of Threatened species since 1998

Are You A Local Game Store?

We Provide direct consultation for compliance for WPN PREMIUM and/or DRAGONSHIELD Premium certification with experts on our panel with proven success.

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