Crafted in Indonesia,

Unleashing the Ultimate Tabletop Gaming Experience

Indonesian-made tabletop gaming tables, made for the best, by the best


Paling was founded in a post-pandemic 2022 world, in West Java, Indonesia with a vision to overcome the ‘western ceiling’ of tabletop gaming hardware. We wanted to make what we love for you to enjoy

We’re a team of experts in woodwork, metalwork, furniture, and branding, all with a shared love of tabletop games. We wanted to make what we love for you to enjoy


Paling exists to spread our passion for tabletop games, to empower players and to augment the very human experience of getting together with friends and family.

We are a team of generational experts in woodwork, metalwork and gaming from Southeast Asia with world class products. Every step of our product’s journey from conception to completion is held to the highest standards.

Paling is constantly mastering our craft in designing better products for even the most discerning customer’s needs.


The true mark of a craftsman lies in the relentless pursuit of mastery. Each day at Paling, we retrace our steps, seek feedback, hone our craft. Making each product iteration surpassing anything that we’ve ever created before.

This is our passion, and we’re sharing it with you.




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